Invited artist



Aliki Braine

Born in 1976 in Paris

Lives and works in London

Aliki works as both an artist and lecturer. Having studied for her BFA in Fine Art at Ruskin School, Oxford University followed by an MA at The Slade School of Fine Art. Aliki then went to the Courtauld Institute to do an MA in the History of Art. This grounding in both the practice and theory of art is combined in her work as she draws upon the recurrent themes of the historical painted landscape.

Her talk:

Landscape has been a subject long associated with British painting and painters. From the works of 18th century greats such as Gainsborough, Turner and Constable to the present modern and contemporary practices of artists as diverse as Richard Long, Jo Lewis, Katie Patterson and myself, nature has been the subject of many artists working in Britain. The depiction of natural environments however, has always been pulled between topographical accuracy, idealised construction and recorded experience. This paper will look at how the land and its landmarks has not been the sole subject of landscape paintings and will explore how the presence and experience of the artists has also participated in the subject of landscape works. Looking at painting, photography and performance the selected works discussed will look at the implied and depicted presence of both artists and their experience in the British landscape.


Aliki Braine had kindly allowed us to use her work for the conference poster and website.

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